Universal Uploader

Welcome to Universal Uploader!

Universal Uploader lets you upload documents and images from a wide variety of sources directly to your page’s attachments.

Universal Uploader is available from every page in Confluence (via the Apps menu), or via a macro in the editor, and you can choose either to upload to the current page or search for any other page directly in the app.

You can browse and attach files from any of these sources:

  • Your local computer (browser or drag and drop)

  • Google Drive

  • Dropbox

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Microsoft OneDrive

  • Any image on the web via Link

The App

The Universal Uploader app is available on all pages from the Apps menu and let’s you upload from anywhere to any page:

The Macro

The Universal Upload macro is available directly in the Confluence editor:

It lets you choose from the current attachments from any page, or you can upload a new file and insert it in one simple step:

Find out more at Universal Uploader for Confluence Cloud

Data security and privacy statement

Universal Uploader does not record any user information.

End-User License Agreement